Texas Workforce Solutions (Houston-Galveston Area)

ws-logo-color-big5Texas Workforce Solutions comprises the Texas Workforce Commission, a statewide network of 28 Workforce Development Boards (Boards) for regional planning and service delivery, their contracted service providers and community partners, and the TWC unemployment benefits Tele-Centers. This network gives customers local access to workforce solutions and statewide services at numerous Workforce Solutions offices and six Tele-Centers.

This blog post is specifically about the Workforce Solutions office in the Texas Gulf Coast Area, but you can learn more about the statewide program on the Texas Workforce Commission website.

Workforce Solutions is an invaluable asset for employers in the Texas Gulf Coast area. The organization provides comprehensive human resource services for businesses and residents of the 13-counties that make up the Houston-Galveston Gulf Coast region.

Workforce Solutions helps both employers and residents. On the employer side, they help solve workforce business problems with personalized services that help employers find qualified applicants, build skills and expertise for new and current employees, and address general human resource needs. On the resident side, Workforce Solutions helps build careers with multiple community-based career offices in the area that offer placement, career counseling, and financial aid services.

Many businesses, educational institutions, civic organizations and community leaders partner with Workforce Solutions to find solutions to current and future labor needs of industries that are vital to the region’s economy. An example: when the Space Shuttle Program ended at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Workforce Solutions set up an office dedicated to helping the NASA employees who were working on that project to transition to other jobs in the region and beyond.

Workforce Solutions is part of the statewide Texas Workforce Solutions network, and they partner with the Texas Workforce Commission and other workforce boards in the largest job-matching database in the state, WorkInTexas.com.

Workforce Solutions is funded by state and federal tax-dollars. They do not charge for their services, which include basic services like recruiting, screening and referral to open positions, as well as customized services like testing for potential hires and current employees. Their experts also offer consulting services in the areas of hiring/firing, Equal Opportunity/ADA, turnover analysis, salary and benefits, unemployment insurance, job skills analysis, and staff development. Outplacement services are highly valued by area businesses, and business consultants at Workforce Solutions can also help employers find resources for training new and current employees.

Workforce Solutions also produces a treasure-trove of economic data about the Houston-Galveston area economy. This data is available online in the Employment Data section of their website. If you need more specific data, you can contact a Labor Market Analyst who can help you find what you need.

To keep up with the latest trends in employment in the area, you can subscribe to the Workforce Solutions blog, cleverly titled “BlogForce.”

For more information about Workforce Solutions, visit their excellent website, or give them a call at one of the following numbers:

For more information about CHILD CARE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE you can speak to a counselor at Workforce Solutions by calling 1-888-469- 5627 (select option 1), or visit the Career Office nearest you.

If you are a JOB SEEKER and are interested in obtaining employment services, call the toll free number: 1-888-469-JOBS (5627).

If you are an EMPLOYER and would like to post job opportunities with Workforce Solutions, call 713-688-6890.

If you are a VETERAN and are interested in obtaining employment services, call the toll free number: 1-888-469-JOBS (5627)

NOTE: Credit for the bulk of the content on this blog post goes to Workforce Solutions, http://www.wrksolutions.com. 


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